9 Shoe Blogs Every Stylish Man Should Read

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by  Karlton Miko Tyack | Last Updated: 
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I have a distinct memory from when I was interning at a major publication during the mid-aughts. One of the fashion editors was assigned to interview style bloggers. I wondered why a major publication would be interested in this then-primitive medium.

Fast-forward two decades later, and it’s no longer the major magazines that are tastemaking in culture, fashion, and the arts. It’s the bloggers, influencers, and social media personalities. 

The former is a fantasy; the latter is a practical resource to gather information and real-life inspiration.

If you really want to learn about shoes and footwear fashion in an authentic way, you need to keep up with the niche!

I’ve pulled together a list of genuinely good shoe blogs for footwear fans to check out. These are some of my favorite sites for shoe newbies and experts alike, and each has a distinct offering that makes it stand out.

Beyond that, since anyone can start a blog, I chose ones with a level of earned esteem. Some are written by true masters, others by trusted researchers, and others just by open, honest enthusiasts. There’s something here for everyone.

1. The Shoe Snob

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The Shoe Snob Blog is your one-stop shop for everything related to high-quality bespoke dress shoes and boots. Justin FitzPatrick, who runs the blog, offers a gamut of content from unboxings, updates in the industry, and coverage of his own shoe adventures, such as going to trade and trunk shows around the world.

It’s as informational and entertaining for shoe experts like Fitzpatrick himself as it is for newbies looking to learn about truly good shoes. 

In fact, if you’re looking to acquire your first proper investment shoe, I highly recommend checking this blog out. Using his own mastery as a shoemaker, FitzPatrick provides educational resources regarding shoe construction, care, and even some funny rants that make the blog relatable and trustworthy.

Why We Like It

  • FitzPatrick is both a true expert, one who trained with Stefan Bemer in Florence, as well as a relatable open book. His About page is candid, featuring several dated updates, assuring the reader he’s still on a journey, upping the blog’s trustworthiness.
  • The thoughtful organization of the blog is a testament to his mastery of shoes. You can search his articles for bespoke shoemakers he’s covered based on nationality, and even for patina artists.
  • From unboxings to educational resources, this blog is a comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to learn and read about high-quality shoes.

2. Shoegazing

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Shoegazing is a blog run by Swedish journalist Jesper Ingevaldsson. It’s Ingevaldsson’s journalistic chops that make Shoegazing such an exhaustive resource for people interested in classic shoes.

In addition to shoe care articles, histories, and beginner guides, there’s a literal category of articles called “In-Depth.” Here, he shares stories on topics like the World Championship of Shoemaking (a two-parter) and how different leathers affect shoe fit.

It’s a nuanced, hands-on, and truly compelling blog.

Why We Like It

  • This blog covers classic shoe 101s, in-depth stories, and informationals on fascinating and specific topics, all while avoiding paid content.
  • There’s a huge section with an alphabetical list of shoe brands, including all the major names and many unknown shoemakers, each with a quick description.
  • Shoegazing even hosts trunk show events in New York, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and London, offering opportunities for in-person engagement.

3. The Crockett and Jones Blog

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Crockett & Jones is a shoemaker based in England’s shoemaking capital, Northampton, and has been around since the late 1800s. As such, their blog infuses that old-world heritage vibe with a contemporary medium. 

The result is some really high-class content, including interviews with shoe industry luminaries and insights into the shoe preferences of their loyal, often royal, customers.

King Charles even visited the Crockett & Jones factory, which, of course, is documented in the blog.

Why We Like It

  • Run by a respected heritage shoemaking brand, this blog boasts pedigree without stuffiness.
  • Crockett & Jones’ distinguished clientele and connections allow them to provide impressive content that includes insights from industry elites.
  • The blog has beautiful editorial photography that illustrates each post.

4. Just Mens Shoes 

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Just Men’s Shoes is an online shoe shop filled with unique, trendy shoes. I’m talking pink suede loafers, purple snakeskin, studs, and other lively shades and embellishments. As such, their blog is equally as trend forward and lifestyle oriented.

That being the case, though, you don’t have to love loud, costumey shoes to enjoy their blog entries. 

First off, once you’ve read their article on how to style pink dress shoes properly, then those once-intimidating burgundy loafers will be a cakewalk. Second, they have tons of helpful lifestyle articles, like what shoes to wear on a date and what to wear to a club.

Why We Like It

  • This blog helps men navigate fearless and trendy shoe styles.
  • The lifestyle-related posts are helpful for everyone, regardless of your personal style.
  • The online store and the blog perfectly complement each other, offering the kinds of shoe designs they write about.

5. BootSpy

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Let me tell you why Bootspy is so remarkable.

There are few blogs out there that exclusively focus on boots to the extent Bootspy does. Boot function and style are such a different beast than that of sneakers and even dress shoes. It’s a topic that needs specialist-level attention.

The reviews are blunt, the how-tos are comprehensive, and Bootspy literally buys the boots themselves, takes their own pictures, and doesn’t do sponsored reviews. They even review boots after years of wear, unlike so many blogs that simply extrapolate on first impressions.

Why We Like It

  • This blog is truly laser-focused, offering how-tos, histories, reviews, and round-ups exclusively about boots.
  • The hands-on reviews are super candid, exposing each model’s weaknesses as well as highlighting its strengths. 
  • The Heritage newsletter keeps you up to date on what’s going on on the website and in the boot world overall.

6. NiceKicks

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In the same way BootSpy covers the entire ecosystem of the boot world, NiceKicks does with the sneaker world. If you’re a sneakerhead, limited edition collector, or self-proclaimed hypebeast you’ll want to get into this blog.

Naturally, the most important thing is that they cover the latest drops.

But of course, since there’s a whole culture behind the sneaker universe, NiceKicks makes sure to have their finger on the pulse. Rumblings of potential celebrity endorsements? Collabs with high fashion brands? They’ll all be on this blog.

Why We Like It

  • NiceKicks covers the latest and upcoming sneaker drops, making it the 24-hour news cycle of the sneaker world.
  • They also cover culture-adjacent news, like what’s going on in the NBA, for example, giving you the whole picture perspective of the sneakerhead world.  
  • They clearly know exactly what their audience wants since you can sign up for text updates. Hey, some limited edition drops sell out in a matter of hours, so immediate communication is key in sneaker collecting.

7. Permanent Style

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So Permanent Style isn’t a shoe blog specifically. However, they have an excellent collection of shoe-related posts ranging from topics like how to wear loafers with jeans to the state of shoemaking in Japan.

Overall, Permanent Style focuses on classic and luxury menswear. If you’re a shoe lover, it’s always good to contextualize that interest within fashion in general.

This is the perfect blog to do that with because the focus on high-end and timelessly elegant clothes makes it more of a practical resource than one keeping track of trends.

Why We Like It

  • Though it’s a general style blog, Permanent Style has a wide-ranging collection of shoe-related posts.
  • This blog is a great resource for learning about the role shoes play in fashion.
  • Permanent Style doesn’t accept payment for their posts, ensuring transparency in their recommendations and reviews.

8. The J.FitzPatrick Footwear Blog

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If this name sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same gent behind our first entry, The Shoe Snob. 

J.FitzPatrick is Justin FitzPatrick’s shoe brand, and of course, the website has its own helpful and insightful blog.

Since this blog is inextricably related to his brand and New York shoe store, it’s focused on that business and the models sold there specifically. 

It’s a good place to learn about styling shoes you might be interested in buying right away. It’s also an inspiring resource for would-be shoe entrepreneurs since FitzPatrick shares interviews, milestones, and other behind-the-scenes tidbits. 

Why We Like It

  • In addition to using their blog to announce trunk shows and promotions, Fitzpatrick shares more business-oriented information regarding shoes, like why black suede isn’t common or his aesthetic inspirations.
  • Several entries focus on available models, so you can use the blog as a sort of personal shopper while perusing the retail side of the site.
  • There are several in-depth explorations on how to style very specific footwear styles, like blue dress shoes and 

9. Shoebly

Cuts hoodie on model in chair

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And, of course, we have to give ourselves a plug. After all, the whole reason Shoebly was born was to fill a gap in the dress shoe blog world. We’re not here to sell you anything or tell you your only option for a Goodyear-welted dress shoe is the $500 model.

Shoebly publishes hands-on reviews, round-ups, and informationals to help you gather everything you need to know before buying that next pair of leather sneakers or oxfords. 

Sometimes you’re on a budget, and sometimes want a pair of shoes for a specific reason. We understand the gold standard for dress shoes, but we also want to give you guys options based on your lifestyle and priorities.

Why We Like It

  • The articles are aimed at a wide audience, offering options and guidance for various personal styles, functional priorities, and budgets. We’ll recommend a $ 1,000 shoe if it’s worth it or a $120 shoe if the quality-for-price is justified.
  • The hands-on reviews are completely unbiased and candid, ensuring you know everything wrong with the shoe and what makes it great.
  • Their care guides are straightforward and easy to read. Want to learn how to spit shine your shoes or get rid of water stains? They’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Shoe Blogs Worth Reading

The sad truth is that while there are loads of blogs on the internet, there are only a few consistently good ones dedicated to shoes. 

Fortunately, all of the ones we’ve listed here are tried-and-trues.

From FitzPatrick’s footwear expertise to Ingevaldsson’s journalistic integrity, you can certainly count on their blogs to consistently deliver.

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