Wanna know if a guy is well dressed?

Look down.

George frazier, mid-century esquire MEN’S STYLE pundit

It all started with a late night conversation between Will and I (Dean).

We were chatting about how fortunate we felt for our growing community of men’s boots fans over at our website, BootSpy, and our BootSpy YouTube channel.

And then we probably spiraled into our usual debate about which of us would win a 100 yard foot race while wearing a pair of Thursday Captains.

But sometime after midnight, the topic of dress shoes came up. And then it struck us…

“There are plenty of great men’s style sites, a few solid men’s boots sites, but why isn’t there a dedicated men’s dress shoe site that we’d actually like to read?”

Of course, it took a few more conversational spirals and some haggling over a name, but sometime after 1AM, the idea for Shoebly was born.

Wolf and Shepherd model sitting on steps with monaco loafers

Shoebly is all about giving you all the info you need to know about your next pair of dress shoes or dress sneakers.

All of the guides and reviews you’ll read on this site are unbiased and 100% original. We buy shoes ourselves, wear them in the wild, then bring you the cold hard truth.

How’s the leather quality? Does it justify the price? How do they fit? How do they stack up against the competition?

You see, we’re shoe guys too. And with 14+ years of experience between us writing in men’s style, our north star is to bring you the info that we’d want to know ourselves.

Thursday Sneakers in suede on model

Welcome to Shoebly. Make your entrance count.

—Dean & Will

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