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old money shoes - thursday scout chukkas, beckett simonon beaumont loafers with the luxury yacht

Old Money Shoes: Your Essential Guide to Stealth Wealth Footwear

This carefully curated list of old money shoes will help you update your footwear selection for a discreetly affluent ‘stealth wealth’ appeal.

how to clean dress shoes - before after results of cleaning dress shoes like a pro

How to Clean Dress Shoes Like a Professional

Elevate your footwear care routine! Protect your investment and learn to clean dress shoes like a pro. It’s easier than you think.

how to wear dress shoes and sneakers with chinos - zara mens chinos, thursday boots oxfords & low top sneakers

How to Wear Dress Shoes and Sneakers With Chinos

Chinos might go well with a range of footwear, but the best options are certain dress shoes and sneakers. Discover how and why with this expert style guide.

color socks with white sneakers - koio white sneakers with colored socks on the background

The Best Color Socks to Wear With White Sneakers

Which color socks should you wear with white sneakers? Discover how to pair colored socks with your white kicks the right way in this expert style guide.

Shoe Size Conversion Chart - Shoe Size Chart & a pair of white sneakers

Shoe Size Conversion Chart: US to UK to EU Sizes and More

Need a chart wiht all the different shoe sizes by country? No problem! Here are the common shoe size conversions, plus a handy guide to see how they should fit.

things every shoe lover should own - oxfords, sneakers, shoe care kit, cedar shoe trees, sneaker balls, shoehorn, dress socks, insoles

19 Unique & Useful Things Every Shoe Lover Should Own

Discover unique items for every shoe lover beyond just footwear! I've pulled together this essential guide to choosing thoughtful gifts for shoe enthusiasts.

best boat shoes for men - Allen Edmonds Force 10 Boat Shoe & Oliver Cabell Navy Boat Shoe

5 Best Boat Shoes for Men: Recommended by an Expert

There’s nothing more comfortable than a pair of boat shoes. If you're on the hunt for some, here are my tried and tested recommendations in a range of styles.

what does your dress shoe type say about you

What Does Your Dress Shoe Type Say About You?

Your dress shoe type says more about you (or who you want to be) than your actual clothes do. Which type do you wear, and what does your pair say about you?

best men’s dress shoe brands - KOIO, Velasca & Beckett Simonon

Best Men’s Dress Shoe Brands: Worn, Tried and Tested by Me

There's no reason to settle for sub-par dress shoes or pay through the nose for top brands. I’ve rounded up the best men's dress shoe brands for every priority.

history of dress shoes for men - men's 1920s shoes

A Brief History of Dress Shoes for Men

Ever wondered how men's dress shoes came to be? In this brief history lesson, I'll explain their evolution from inception to modern day. Let's dive in!

Boat shoes, loafers, and driving shoes explained

Difference Between Boat Shoes, Loafers, and Driving Shoes Explained

Boat shoes, loafers, or driving shoes - what's the difference? Each shoe was built for different reasons, and has a different style. Learn all about it here.

socks with dress shoes - combination of socks, dress shoes & trousers

The Right Way to Wear Socks with Dress Shoes: A Style Guide

Fashion is constantly changing. One of the grayest areas these days? Whether it's OK to wear socks with dress shoes. Here's how to do it properly.

best tuxedo shoes for men - Carmina Cordovan Wholecut Oxford & black shawl collar tux

6 Best Tuxedo Shoes for Black Tie Events: Expert Recommended

Need some shoes for a black tie event? Not just any dress shoe will do. I recommend these tuxedo shoes to elevate your outfit at any formal occasion.