6 Best Wedding Dress Shoes for Men: Elevate Your Wedding Attire

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by  Karlton Miko Tyack | Last Updated: 
best wedding dress shoes - Thursday Boots Executive & Beckett Simonon Wright Austerity Oxford

Looking for the perfect men’s wedding shoes? The right pair has to strike a balance of many characteristics, including function, style, and appropriateness.

This combination can be tough to find.

Fortunately, it’s a balancing act that each of these shoes achieves. Check out these six best wedding shoes for men.

Best Overall
  • Balanced design is distinct enough for grooms but classy and respectful enough for guests and groomsmen
  • High level of hand craftsmanship
  • Calfskin leather is tightly-grained, smooth, and strong
Best on a Budget
  • Premium construction, including Goodyear welting and full-grain leather, punch above its price point
  • Glove leather interior, cork midsole, and shock-absorbing insole provide comfort and support
  • Antimicrobial midsole prevents odors
Great Value
  • Brogueless design is a unique, understated take on the traditional wingtip
  • Five adaptable yet expressive colorways for any season or theme
  • Sturdily-built using luxurious materials at a below-market price
Best Wholecut
  • Minimal look can be worn with formal tuxedos and even the most casual wedding outfits
  • Blake stitching adds flexibility to an otherwise seam-free upper
  • Lack of details allow the premium quality of the leather and stitching to shine
Luxury Pick
  • Alligator skin provides a striking, truly luxurious aesthetic
  • Construction boasts the utmost premiumness, from the Goodyear welting to the calfskin lining
  • Alligator is sourced sustainably

With weddings comes a lot of necessary etiquette.

So, finding the right men’s wedding dress shoes can be tricky. 

They need to be refined yet practical. Interesting but not weird—especially if it’s your special day.

And If you’re the groom, you also need to look your best without outshining your bride. If you’re a guest, you can’t outshine the groom.

No worries. If you’ve got a wedding coming up, we’ve got you covered.

How Did I Come Up With My List?

Usually, when I’m putting together a shoe edit, I spend weeks consulting experts, trying on several models (sometimes close to a hundred), and scouring the internet for reviews. Of course, I also talk to colleagues and friends to ensure all my bases are covered.

I definitely did that with this round-up, too.

Additionally, I researched wedding styles, venues, and common ‘day-of’ activities, and I spoke to wedding planners and recently married couples.

Regardless of your role in the wedding, its dress code, or the season it’s happening in, these six models represent all priorities.

Whether Groomsman, Guest, or Groom—These Are The Best Wedding Dress Shoes for Men

Best Overall: Allen Edmonds St Johns Double Monk Strap

The Allen Edmonds St Johns Double Monk Strap achieves a remarkable aesthetic balance, perfect for grooms, groomsmen, or guests.

It has plenty of character (with its brogued medallion and decorative cap toe), which a groom might want on his special day. However, it’s also practical and neutral enough for groomsmen and guests.

It pops just enough, but won’t steal the show from the groom (if you aren’t him), and won’t steal the show from the bride if you are.

The St. Johns is classy, but not stuffy, which has to do with the hardwear-clad monk strap design, as well as AE’s special 1943 last. With its long forepart, it’s refined enough so that the buckled top layer doesn’t chunk up the aerial silhouette, but is still relaxed-looking thanks to the square toe.

And since this is Allen Edmonds, you’re getting quality. The St Johns Double Monk is made of European calfskin, which is lush and robust enough to handle whatever the wedding day brings. Of course, it’s bench-welted all around for water resistance and recraftability.

What I Like

  • The mix of formal and relaxed design elements, especially the exquisite broguing, make this shoe special enough for the groom but neutral enough for guests.
  • This handcrafted shoe boasts a fully bench-welted, full-grain leather construction.
  • Allen Edmonds’ 1943 last is elegant but not stuffy, perfectly cinching the shoe’s well-balanced style.

What I Don’t Like

  • As with all fully welted dress shoes made of premium leather, it’ll take some time to break this shoe in. Make sure you do that well before the wedding.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Here’s some good news regarding the break-in period. Almost every reviewer claims that, though it takes time to get this shoe comfortable, it offers a custom level of comfort once you get there.

Allen Edmonds uses a special cork insole that molds to your foot.

So, while you’ll have to work for it, this shoe eventually checks off the style, quality, and comfort boxes.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a wedding shoe that anyone can wear, whether you’re the one getting married or not, go for the Allen Edmonds St Johns Double Monk Strap.

Its design and silhouette beautifully balance distinct design with respectful elegance.

Moreover, it’s an undeniably high-quality shoe, boasting premium full-grain leather and a welted construction that ensures longevity.

Best Overall
Allen Edmonds St Johns Double Monk Strap

Allen Edmonds St Johns Double Monk Strap has loads of personality thanks to its distinct brogued design. However, this handcrafted, calfskin shoe is still neutral and classy enough to be worn understatedly.

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Best on a Budget: Thursday Boots Executive

The amount of quality and substance stuffed into the Thursday Boots Executive is truly impressive. Plus, it’s so standard-looking, in the best way possible, that there’s almost nothing you can’t wear it with.

It’s Goodyear-welted, made from attractively oiled full-grain leather, and is even fully lined with glove leather, which is especially smooth and flexible. Even the cotton laces are waxed for durability, so clearly, Thursday Boots has considered every every detail. At this price point, you’d think there’d be at least one shortcut, but apparently not.

Additionally, this shoe is exceedingly comfortable after you’ve broken it in. The midsole is cork and conforms to your foot contours, while the insole absorbs shock, making them easy to walk in. 

What I Like

  • This hand-finished, full-grain leather, Goodyear-welted shoe punches way above its price point.
  • The glove leather interior, cork midsole, and shock-absorbing insole provides custom comfort.
  • The antimicrobial midsole also keeps odors and bacteria at bay. .

What I Don’t Like

  • The bottom is a bit slippery at first. Make sure to scuff them up a bit before the big day. You don’t want to slip on the dance floor, or even worse, when you’re walking down the aisle.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Though I experienced a good week of breaking it in, several reviewers report little to no break-in.

Many also enjoy the different colorways. Some are more matte, and some are shinier, so you can decide just how understated or eye-catching you want your shoe to be. Regardless, every colorway is equally classy.

The Verdict

The Thursday Boot Executive is a comparatively affordable classic oxford shoe that can be worn with any outfit. This makes it a great choice if the wedding invitation is vague on the dress code.

Best on a Budget
Thursday Executive

The Thursday Executives feature a team of comfort-focused features, including the cork midsole and shock absorbing insoles. Uniquely, they’re also Goodyear-welted, perfectly balancing that comfort with a robust, strong build.

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Great Value: Beckett Simonon Wright Austerity Oxford

Beckett Simonon uses a made-to-order, small-batch business model. This means that, to avoid any stockpiling, they wait for a certain amount of orders and execute on that specific number. This allows them to serve up way more quality and care per batch, flaunting prices far below market.

This Austerity Oxford is handmade using supple full-grain leather, hand waxed for extra luster and weather resistance, and is even equipped with a steel shank for support and stability. The Blake stitching balances this out, offering flexibility and comfort on top of the rigid security.

Aesthetically, this shoe is a wingtip, but one that isn’t brogued, which is pretty unique. It’s fun but high-class, which is exactly what you want from a wedding shoe.

What I Like

  • The brogueless wingtip design is a clever, understated take on the traditional wingtip, giving this shoe a distinguished and classy look.
  • It comes in five expressive yet neutral colorways, perfect for different wedding seasons and themes.
  • Thanks to Beckett Simonon’s small-batch business model, this shoe is sturdily-built using luxurious materials, all at a below-market price.

What I Don’t Like

  • Remember, small-batch manufacturing allows for high-value prices but also results in irregular wait times. Make sure to order your shoes way ahead of the wedding day.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Unsurprisingly, the only grievance from reviewers on this highly-rated shoe is the wait time.

However, it helps that many reviewers mention that Beckett Simonon is always on the ball regarding customer service. They’re communicative, candid about the status of your delivery, and even give in-depth information regarding the creation process of your specific order.

The Verdict

The wingtip design makes the Beckett Simonon Wright Austerity a genuine party shoe. However, the unbrogued surface and refined oxford silhouette temper any potential loudness, making it appropriate in any formal situation.

On the practical front, this shoe is built with the utmost care and quality. It’s a far better value than most, if not all, equivalent shoes at this price point.

Great Value
Beckett Simonon Wright Austerity Oxfords
The Beckett Simonon Wright Austerity Oxford is an elegant and dressed-up take on the traditional wingtip. Its full-grain leather construction, steel shank, and Blake-stitching make it durably built yet comfortable.
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Best Penny Loafer: Velasca Maester Smooth Calf Leather Loafer

The penny loafer is an inherently relaxed design. So by building it using buttery calf suede or supple calf leather and giving it an extra smooth and angle-free silhouette, Velasca levels up the template’s stateliness. 

This remix takes the form of the Maester Loafer, which, despite the dressy infusions, maintains its effortless look.

The beefrolls are still there, though they’re slimmer than the ones of traditional penny loafers. This shoe is an effective mix of relaxed American penny loafer elements and sleeker Italian loafer features.

Depending on your role at the wedding, you may have to be on your feet a lot. Velasca offers different sole materials in addition to traditional leather. You can go for a grippy rubber or a deeply lugged winter sole.

What I Like

  • By combining a traditional American loafer with a smoother shape and smaller beefrolls, this shoe can be worn at casual or formal weddings.
  • You can choose from a leather outsole, rubber outsole, or lugged winter outsole at no extra cost.
  • The calfskin leather is strong, pliant, and boasts lucid colors and undertones.

What I Don’t Like

  • The lip has a stylistically frayed edge, which might not suit some people’s taste.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Reviewers praise Velasca for putting a fun twist on a traditional loafer without compromising its naturally smart casual look.

As expected, people have mixed opinions when it comes to the lip design.

Some love the unique spin, some find it to be fun yet sufficiently subtle, and some think it’s too funky.

The Verdict

The Velasca Maestro is fashionable and classic, easily incorporated into any wedding dress code.

In addition to being a high-quality piece of men’s footwear, you can choose from three outsole options. This allows you to customize your wedding shoe based on how much actual physical activity you might be doing on the big day.

Best Penny Loafer
Velasca Maester

The Velasca Maester showcases a traditional Americana look, that can be worn casually, formally, indoors, and outdoors. They’re made from soft but strong calfskin, and come in three outsole variations, including one with extra thick lugs.

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Best Wholecut: Beckett Simonon Valencia Wholecut

Typically, the more minimal a garment or accessory is, the more formal it is. Just look at a pair of tuxedo pants compared to a pair of cargo pants. The wholecut oxford fulfills this dressed-up aesthetic, but unlike tuxedo pants, it has a lot more versatility.

Essentially, the more formal your outfit, the more formal your shoes look. The less formal your clothes are, the less dressed-up the footwear. Wholecuts are true chameleons.

The Beckett Simonon Valencia is a classic wholecut shoe with a chic and dapper silhouette that tapers gracefully, and a handsome v-neck eyelet stay.

This shoe is Blake-stitched, which I even prefer over Goodyear welting for wholecuts. Since there are no seams on a wholecut, there aren’t any natural points for the shoe to flex. Add a Goodyear welting to that, and you’ve got a fairly tight shoe.

What I Like

  • I love the versatility. You can wear this graceful, minimal design with formal tuxedos all the way down to the most casual wedding outfits.
  • The Blake stitching is practical, adding flexibility to the outsole to make up for the minimal bend of the upper.
  • This handcrafted, full-grain leather shoe is hand waxed and flaunts a flawless surface. .

What I Don’t Like

  • As with most wholecut shoes, the Valencia is difficult to put on without a shoe horn. Some might find it impossible to do.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

As always with Beckett Simonon, reviewers are impressed with the value for the price of this shoe. Since there are no details on the upper, the high quality of the leather takes center stage, making the premium materials all the more important.

And, of course, there are a few complaints about the irregular wait times that come with small-batch manufacturing.

The Verdict

The Beckett Simonon Valencia is a wholecut oxford that a groom could partner with a tuxedo, or a groomsman or guest could wear with a broken suit.

Not only is it wildly adaptable, but its minimal design allows the perfectly hand-waxed calfskin leather and the top-notch stitching and construction to really stand out.

Best Wholecut
Beckett Simonon Valencia Wholecuts
The Beckett Simonon Valencia’s dapper wholecut design is formal enough for a tuxedo, but you can still wear it with jeans. It’s discerningly built with the best leathers and oils, and a Blake-stitched outsole that adds flex to the shoe’s seam-free construction.
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Luxury Pick: Carmina Alligator Oxford

The Carmina Alligator Oxford isn’t just visually luxurious, it’s built that way as well. Besides, nothing says deluxe like the pill pattern of alligator. There’s just an exclusivity about exotic leathers.

Plus, Carmina sources their leather sustainably and based on legal guidelines to prevent overhunting.

Of course, this shoe is built to last. It’s essentially an instant heirloom. Not only is it Goodyear welted, but the lining is tight, supple calfskin. So yes, the interior is made out of the same material as the exterior of most luxury shoe models.

What I Like

  • The alligator leather looks dapper and upscale, with its high shine and angular patterns.
  • Its construction boasts the utmost premiumness, from the Goodyear welting to the soft yet strong calfskin lining.
  • It’s made on a last that’s gracefully thin, but has more room inside than expected. It’s a lot more breathable and comfortable than most dress shoes.

What I Don’t Like

  • Of course, luxury shoes have luxury prices, but beyond that, I’ve heard people claim that alligator isn’t particularly versatile. That doesn’t bother me since I’d save this shoe for only special occasions.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Reviewers rave about the surprising amount of room inside this shoe once it’s broken in.

You can thank Carmina’s Rain last, which is visually thin, with a subtly squared-off toe making it roomier than expected. Moreover, the instep has more room than most dress shoes without compromising the tapered look.

The Verdict

There’s a beautifully shined pattern on the exterior, and a lush calfskin in the secretly roomy interior, which I love.

The Carmina Alligator Oxford is a distinct and stately shoe with a luxury build to match its fancy looks. It’ll last forever, and if your son has the same shoe size as you, it’s definitely a great piece to pass on.

Luxury Pick
Carmina Alligator Oxford

The Carmina Alligator Oxford boasts an upscale construction and aesthetic thanks to its exotic, high-shine upper. Meanwhile, the surprisingly roomy interior of the thin silhouette is lined with supple calfskin.

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Key Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Shoes

The Wedding Dress Code

These days, wedding dress codes really vary. Some are traditional church weddings requiring black ties and others are jeans-friendly affairs at breweries.

Just keep in mind that regardless of the dress code, it’s still a special day. 

Even if the bride and groom say their event is casual enough for flip-flops, be respectful and go for a nice casual dress shoe instead. Even if they’re not offended by that level of relaxed dress, maybe their parents or grandparents will be, and they may have been the ones who paid for the event.

Your Role in the Wedding 

If you’re a groomsman, there will likely be some uniform to go by, even if the guidelines aren’t stringent. Make sure your shoes go with the dress requirements.

I mentioned this earlier, but if you’re a guest, don’t wear an outfit that will outshine the groom. If you want to wear, say, that luxurious Carmina alligator shoe, that’s fine. But don’t pair it with a full, aristocratic-looking tuxedo unless the groom is wearing something even more formal than that.

The Type of Wedding

Again, weddings can take place anywhere and have any dress code.

Just because it’s a California ranch wedding doesn’t necessarily mean it will be casual. Just because it’s taking place in an upscale banquet doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be black-tie.

It’s all about being respectful to the couple you’re celebrating.

The Season and Venue

Related to being considerate of the type of wedding you’re attending, you must keep in mind the venue and the season. 

A summer beach wedding will probably be more loafer-friendly than a winter chateau wedding. Even if a summer or spring wedding is completely formal, you might want to stick to brown shoes over black (unless it’s black tie, of course), depending on where the wedding location is.

It’s no different than how you choose your suit based on where the wedding is and when it’s happening.

Shoe Sole Mates

The Allen Edmonds St Johns Double Monk Strap is our best overall because of its high-quality build and versatility. If you’re on a budget, the Thursday Boots Executive is an excellent choice.

Our Top Pick
Allen Edmonds St Johns Double Monk Strap

Allen Edmonds St Johns Double Monk Strap has loads of personality thanks to its distinct brogued design. However, this handcrafted, calfskin shoe is still neutral and classy enough to be worn understatedly.

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You can also go somewhere in the middle price-wise, with the Beckett Simonon Wright Austerity Oxford. The brand’s small-batch manufacturing really makes this a bang-for-buck shoe.

The Valesca Maester Smooth Calf Leather Loafer is a beautiful mix of American and European design sensibilities, while the Beckett Simonon Valencia Wholecut can be worn in both highly formal and completely casual weddings.

Beckett Simonon Valencia Wholecuts

Wholecuts are rare and highly prized for a reason; they are the most difficult shoes to make. Not only does the single piece of leather need to be perfect, it has to be supple and the fibers must align.

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If you want to go all-out (perhaps you’re the groom), the Carmina Alligator Oxford is an instant heirloom and our luxury pick.


What shoes are best for grooms at weddings?

It depends on the dress code, but comfortable and traditional dress shoes are appropriate footwear styles for grooms at most weddings.

Can I wear monk straps to a wedding?

Yes, monk strap shoes are an excellent choice for a wedding. They’re classic, sophisticated, yet relaxed.

What shoes should a groomsman wear?

A groomsman should wear dress shoes that follow the wedding party dress code. If the groomsmen are required to wear black suits or tuxedos, they should be paired with black leather dress shoes. If they all wear gray suits, then brown, black, and even dark navy shoes work.

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