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best wedding dress shoes - Thursday Boots Executive & Beckett Simonon Wright Austerity Oxford

6 Best Wedding Dress Shoes for Men: Elevate Your Wedding Attire

Looking for the best wedding dress shoes for men? The right pair has to strike a balance of many characteristics. No worries, we’ve got you covered.
how to wear brown shoes with a black suit or pants - a black suit and oxfords

How to Wear Brown Shoes with a Black Suit or Pants. Yes, it’s Possible!

Can (and should) you wear brown shoes with black pants? The answer is yes! But you need to know how to style your look properly. Here's how to do it right.
high top vs low top sneakers - Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top & Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

High Top vs Low Top Sneakers: What’s the Difference and Which Is Right for You?

Curious about high top vs low top sneakers? To help you figure out which style is right for you and on what occasion, I break down the differences.
foot anatomy

The Anatomy of the Foot Explained: This Will Help Your Shoes Fit Better

To get the right fit when buying shoes, you need to understand a little foot anatomy. Learn the names for different parts of the foot, and how to measure them.
how to spit-shine shoes - dress shoes with sparkling stars

How to Spit-Shine Your Shoes in 5 Simple Steps

Spit-shining creates a beautiful mirror finish, also known as a glaçage, on your shoes. Learn how to spit shine your shoes the easy way, for a high-gloss look.
allen edmonds sizing - allen edmonds park avenue with a measuring tape

Allen Edmonds Sizing: How Do Allen Edmonds’ Shoes Fit?

With this Allen Edmonds sizing guide, I’m going to help you buy the right shoe without dealing with the hassle of returns and exchanges. 
types of soles - leather sole, datine sole, wedge sole, ridgeway sole, vibram sole

Types of Soles: The Essential Guide to Rubber and Leather Shoe Soles

While shoe soles are predominantly made of leather or rubber, the styles do vary. Learn about the different types of soles and the footwear you'll find them on.
best insoles for converse - original samurai insoles & Converse chuck taylors

Best Insoles for Converse: All-day Comfort and Style

Converse sneakers aren’t necessarily known for their comfort. But a decent pair of insoles can fix this. These are the five best insoles for Converse shoes.
best sneakers to wear with a suit - Thursday Boots Premier High Top with a brown suit

6 Best Sneakers to Wear With a Suit: Shake up Your Suit Game With These Top Picks

Wearing sneakers with a suit can elevate your formal fashion game. These are the best sneakers to style with a suit for an effortless smart-casual look.
best tan sneakers - beckett simonon garcia high top & beckett simonon prieto sneakers

5 Best Tan Sneakers for Men: Versatile Styles From Casual to Classy

Tan sneakers aren’t as common as black or white ones, but we've found the five best on the market right now. Switch up your footwear with these top styles.
ugliest shoes - Vibram Fivefingers, Adidas x Jeremy Scott Softcell Cowboy Boot, Yeezy Foam Runner, Reebok Shaq Steel

Step Into an Abyss of Bad Taste: The 17 Ugliest Shoes Ever Made

Unveiling the most cringe-worthy footwear in recent history. We aren't kidding - these are some of the ugliest shoes ever made. Take a look for yourself.
how should loafers fit - a pair of bit loafers & dashed arrows

How Should Loafers Fit? A Guide to Ensuring The Right Size

How should loafers fit? It’s pretty straightforward, but the devil is in the detail. Learn all about loafter sizing, their anatomy, and how they should fit.