Best Insoles for Converse: All-day Comfort and Style

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by  Karlton Miko Tyack | Last Updated: 
best insoles for converse - original samurai insoles & Converse chuck taylors

Converse Sneakers may be forever cool, but what they aren’t is comfortable.

If the lack of support and cushioning doesn’t give you aches, it’s still not great for your feet. Even more, it can cause leg and back problems in the long run.

Enjoy your Chucks while avoiding this drama with the five best insoles for Converse shoes.

Best Overall
  • Several customizations offered, including firmness levels and arch heights, providing a range of nuanced support and comfort
  • Antimicrobial top layer of two-part system consists of durable polyester and breathable open-cell foam, extending the life of the shoes
  • Boasts seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association
Best Gel
  • Silicon-gel construction helps with foot fatigue reduction
  • Honeycomb-designed heels provide effective shock absorption, effective for high-impact or constant activity
  • Lightweight and immediately comfortable
Best Reusable and Washable
  • Conveniently hand washable
  • Effectively sweat absorbing and odor preventing
  • Great “starter insoles” that provide general comfort and can help you figure out if you need specific needs beyond that
Best Memory Foam
  • Soft memory foam construction accommodates the specific shape of your feet
  • Made to fit perfectly in your Converse shoes, eliminating the need to size up or rip out the insoles for models in which they’re permanently attached
  • Partly made from recycled materials.
Best for Plantar Fasciitis
  • Built-in orthotic alleviates heel pain
  • Molded inner core provides flex and bounce
  • Balance of support and litheness helps alleviate symptoms of inflamed muscles

Canvas sneakers are the epitome of laid-back cool. Arguably, Converse shoes, particularly the Chuck Taylor All Star Classics, are the epitome of canvas sneaker style.

Ironically, there’s nothing laid-back about Converse sneakers—other than how laid back the designers were when considering the comfort factor.

These iconic pieces of footwear have high foot-pain ratings because of the lack of support and cushion.

Does this mean you have to toss your favorite Chucks for the sake of your foot and back health?

Of course not.

You just need to slip in one of these five best insoles for Converse shoes.

How Did I Come Up With My List? 

Converse shoes have an almost deconstructed interior, lacking the modern creature comforts of athletic sneakers today. That being the case, I considered the specific issues related to the Converse build when scouring the internet and every shoe store in the tri-state area for insoles.

I spent weeks looking for models that make up for the lack of arch support, the unsupportive collar, and the overly flat and cushionless insoles often found in these sneakers.

I also deliberated with other Converse fans, colleagues, and foot experts. And, of course, I dove hard and deep into the internet, spending hours on reviews to make sure every perspective is represented.

The Best Insoles for Converse Shoes

Best Overall: Tread Labs Ramble Comfort Insoles

The Ramble Comfort Insoles from Tread Labs offer a sophisticated, impressive, balanced system. Because of this, you can make many customizations to them, which is why I think they’re the best on the market right now.

Unlike insoles that come in few-sizes-fit-most models, which often require you to cut them up a bit, you can get the Ramble Insoles in the exact size (to size and a half) of your foot. And you can even choose the firmness, the same as you would a mattress.

It makes sense that Tread Labs went super specific with the sizing and customs, since cutting up its two-part composition would throw the ratio off. 

Converse shoes are archless, which is one of the reasons why they have such bad energy return. These insoles make up for that with their molded arch supports, which by the way, come in four whole heights. 

It’s kind of funny to soup up a pair of Converses with something so sophisticated, but hey, if you care about your feet, you’ll need these.

What I Like

  • These insoles come with several confidence-affirming assurances, including a seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association and Tread Labs’ own guarantee, which promises to replace cracked or warped insoles with no questions asked.
  • Each part of the two-part system provides something completely missing in Converse shoes: Firm yet flexible comfort and custom support.
  • There are several layers of nuanced customizations offered, from the specific length sizes to the arch height and firmness levels.

What I Don’t Like

  • Since these insoles are so well-architectured, you almost have to break them in like you would a shoe, which sounds counterintuitive. The arch support feels a bit firm at first, though I wouldn’t call it stiff. Just give it a week.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Reviewers love the specificity of these insoles.

Several mention how their flat sneakers, Converse and otherwise, need less cleaning because they aren’t sweating in them as often. The top covers are made with an open-cell foam, which is dense enough for durability but still allows airflow. And, it’s antimicrobial treated.

Tread Labs also gets a lot of love for their 90-Day Fit Guarantee. You can exchange your insoles if the arch, fit, or firmness doesn’t work for you within three months, which I think is quite considerate.

The Verdict

Truly, adding the Tread Labs Ramble Insoles to a pair of Converse shoes is like adding modern creature comforts, perhaps smart house technology, to an old yet beautiful pre-war home.

The two-part system, along with the range of sizes, arch support heights, and firmness levels, add an astounding level of support and comfort to the bare Converse interiors. And with that antimicrobial fabric, your shoes will definitely keep fresh and last longer than they would without the help of these insoles.

Plus, you have to love all of those guarantees and certifications.

Best Overall
Tread Labs Ramble Comfort Insoles

The Tread Labs Ramble Comfort Insoles offer a range of customization options including different levels of arch support, firmness, and sizing. This allows the two-piece composition to provide extra specific support and comfort.

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Best Gel: Envelop Gel Insoles for Men 

I love a good gel insole when it comes to really active days since they’re less rigid than most insoles. Meanwhile, Converse shoes aren’t that great for active days.

What makes the Envelop Insoles different, and better, in my opinion, than most gel insoles is that they aren’t just shock absorbing, but contoured and lightweight.

They have a honeycomb design in the heels, which basically acts as a springboard, never letting your heels completely hit fully-solid ground. This absorbs the impact of even high-intensity activities, tempering foot fatigue. They almost transform your Converses into an athletic shoe.

Granted, don’t wear Converse shoes on a planned run or any other day of expected heavy exercise. But, if you’re at the park, and an impromptu flag football game comes up, you’ll be glad you’re wearing these gel insoles.

What I Like

  • The cushy silicon gel and honeycomb heels provide exceptional shock absorption, making these inserts especially effective during long periods of standing, walking, and high-impact activity.
  • Likely also due to that honeycomb design, these insoles alleviate the heel pain often caused by flat-soled shoes.
  • They’re mercifully lightweight and are comfortable as soon as you put them in your shoes.

What I Don’t Like

  • The ergonomic design provides neutral arch support, which is better than most gel insoles. However, it’s still not as supportive as a more rigid design, and may not even provide any backing to overly arched or overly flat feet. .

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Reviewers praise these insoles for the immediate alleviation they provide. Some even report using more sophisticated everyday insoles (probably similar to the Tread Labs insoles I just recommended) but switching to these after hours of activity and unavoidable foot fatigue.

Gel insoles may not provide the long-term, nuanced, and supportive offerings of heavily-architecture insoles, but they can be used as a pain reliever as well as a heavy-activity option.

The Verdict

The Envelop Gel Insoles efficiently keep foot fatigue at bay thanks to the lightweight gel construction and springboard heel. They’re also immediately comfortable and soft.

Go for these insoles as an immediate pain reliever or if you’re going to be doing consistent or high-impact activities.

Best Gel
Envelop Gel Insoles for Men 

The Envelop Insoles feature a comfortably soft gel body and a springy honeycomb construction. The balance of bounce and shock absorption is perfect for high-impact activities.

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Best Reusable and Washable: Happystep Terry Insoles 

The handmade Happystep Terry Insoles are definitely the most convenient insoles on the market right now. 

I consider them training-wheel insoles because they’re generally comfortable and supportive for most people. Also, they’re low and easy to maintain. You can just wash them in cold water and lay them flat to air dry. You don’t even need to find a place to hang them awkwardly.

The brand’s main selling point is how well these insoles absorb sweat, and they aren’t lying. The terry cloth is extra fine, which controls moisture and prevents your feet from developing odors. Relatedly, they prevent your shoes from developing odors.

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to go sockless in your Converse shoes, I recommend these insoles.

What I Like

  • With its washability and reusability, these insoles are conveniently low maintenance.
  • The fine fibers of the terry cloth effectively absorb sweat and prevent odors.
  • They’re effective “starter insoles,” providing general comfort and support to most foot types.

What I Don’t Like

  • The latex sole is generally comfortable and will work for most people, at least to begin with, but it isn’t especially sophisticated. If you have particular foot problems that need specific solutions, this insole might be too generic for you.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Reviewers love the quality for the price since you can often find these insoles for less than $15. Yet, they provide moisture-wicking, which a lot of similarly-priced drugstore options don’t.

Because of the price, many reviewers mention just throwing them away after they seem used up. I don’t recommend this. If you wash them when they need to be washed, they’ll last longer. Moreover, if they seem used up, simply giving them a good clean may revive them (just as a good clean would revive your actual Converse sneakers themselves).

These insoles are cheap, but that’s no reason not to get the most out of them while you have them.

The Verdict

With its lack of energy maintenance, those of you prone to perspiration may find Converse sneakers make your feet extra sweaty. The Happystep Terry Insoles are an effective solution.

They’re also washable and reusable, really upping the convenience factor.

Again, these insoles are pretty general. But, if you aren’t sure what specific needs you have, you can use these to help you figure out what’s missing.

Best Reusable and Washable
Happystep Terry Insoles

Convenient and affordable, the Happystep Terry Insoles suit most foot types. Its fine terry construction absorbs sweat and odor, and is easy to clean and dry.

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Best Memory Foam: FOOTSOULS Feel Your Sole Converse Insoles

As its name suggests, the FOOTSOULS Feel Your Sole Converse Insoles are made specifically for Chucks. Even the box it comes in is branded with a “For Your Chucks” emblem on the front.

These insoles are made out of cloud memory foam, giving a soft but stable structure to the flat interior of Converse shoes. They’re composed of layers,, each giving just enough cushion or firmness so that the insoles can take the form of your feet every time you step into them.

So, despite the fact they don’t have the firm bones of a Tread Labs kind of insole, they’ll still accommodate your specific arch. This makes them immediately comfortable, immediately supportive, and good for a lot of activities from walking to weight-lifting—but don’t use your Converse shoes for weight-lifting.

What I Like

  • The memory foam construction feels outrageously soft, while still providing custom support since it also takes on the contours of your feet.
  • These insoles are partly made from recycled materials.
  • The soft but stable arch support ensures less fatigue even after long days of standing or walking.

What I Don’t Like

  • Though they provide immediate custom comfort, memory foam insoles aren’t as durable as ones that utilize firmer materials like polyester.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Reviewers describe the Feel Your Soul Converse Insoles as “luxurious” and “cloud-like.” They even feel great around your feet when you’re just sitting down.

Since some Converse models don’t come with removable factory insoles, several reviewers love that the Feel Your Souls can just slip right over the factory insoles. This means you don’t have to size up or rip them out.

The Verdict

The FOOTSOULS Feel Your Soul Insoles are the best memory foam insoles for Converse shoes. They’re soft yet supportive and accommodate the exact contours of your feet. 

And since they’re designed specifically for Converse shoes, you can place them right over the factory insoles without affecting the fit.

Best Memory Foam
FOOTSOULS Feel Your Sole Converse Insoles

The FOOTSOULS Feel Your Soul Insoles are made to fit over Converse’s factory insoles, meaning you don’t have to size up or remove them. The memory foam construction is immediately comfortable, accommodating to the contours of your feet.

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Best for Plantar Fasciitis: Samurai Insoles

Preventing and tempering inflammation is the best thing you can do when it comes to muscle discomfort. That’s why plantar fasciitis requires such specific support. When your foot tissue is swollen, it can cause heel pain that reverberates throughout your whole foot as well.

The Samurai Insoles are designed by a podiatrist and boast a state-of-the-art orthotic inserted into the insole itself. This alleviates heel pain. Meanwhile, the molded inner core is springy, ensuring every part of your foot is supported and experiences energy return as you walk.

Even if you don’t have symptoms from intense inflammation, the balance of support and lithe softness can soothe everyday pressure from walking too much—or simply walking in flat Converse shoes.

What I Like

  • The orthotic is built right into the insert, which helps with heel pain and pressure.
  • The molded inner core has loads of buoyancy and flex, providing support and adding an actual spring to your step.
  • The balance of a supportive foundation and lithe softness helps painful symptoms caused by inflammation, making these insoles a great option for those with shin splints or plantar fasciitis.

What I Don’t Like

  • They can stain your socks. I found they turned my socks into a shade of red I wasn’t happy with.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Many of the positive reviews come from reviewers with conditions like shin splints, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis. They claim that these insoles help alleviate pain and pressure.

One reviewer even mentions they’re almost as comfortable as his custom-fit orthotic insoles. A review from a logger reports that he was able to use these insoles to make his non-broken-in work boots comfortable for a day of work.

The Verdict

If you feel pain from inflammation, especially in the heel area, go for the Samurai Insoles. They’re popular among those with shin splints and plantar fasciitis because of how effectively the orthotic insert and springy molded core work together.

Even if you don’t have inflammation, you can use these insoles for prevention. The lack of support in Converse shoes is known to cause tissue swelling.

Best for Plantar Fasciitis
Samurai Arch Support Insoles

The Samurai Insoles perfectly balance a supportive foundation and lithe softness, which brings comfort and energy return to your feet. Also, the orthotic insert helps alleviate pain caused by inflammation, making it perfect for those with conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying Insoles for Converse Sneakers

A lot of us will end up needing insoles for our Chucks. And even if you don’t feel discomfort, just remember that unsupportive shoes aren’t great for your feet.

The main thing to consider when choosing insoles for your Converse shoes is how the factory insoles are attached. No worries, though, you can replace them regardless. You’ll just take a different approach, depending on whether or not they’re glued on.

Not All Converse Shoes Have Removable Insoles

If you’re going for the FOOTSOUL Feel Your Souls, this isn’t a problem since they’re designed to fit over that. Moreover, you can always size up so that other kinds of insoles can fit inside. 

Still, several models feature glued insoles, and product descriptions don’t always specify which ones do and which ones don’t.

However, Removing Converse Insoles is Easy

Of course, it’s easier to deal with when they aren’t glued in. So let’s start with that.

Removing Unglued Converse Insoles

Newer models are “upgraded” with removable, even slightly cushioned insoles. I personally still don’t love their factory insoles since they don’t have great arch support.

For low-tops, you’ll just have to first loosen the laces. For high-tops, depending on how dexterous you are, you might have to completely remove the laces.

Push the tongue out a bit so it’s out of the way.

Reach inside, grab the heel of the insole, and gently pull it out. You can also use tweezers if you have trouble gripping it. 

Okay, now let’s say you ordered a pair of Chucks online, and when they arrive, you realize that the insoles are glued in. Here’s what to do.

Removing Glued-in Converse Insoles

First, completely remove the lacing and push the tongue out of the way.

To be completely honest, you can just put some muscle into it and rip those glued-in factory insoles out pretty easily. Hold the shoe tight with your non-dominant hand and pull the insole out with the dominant one. 

Even with a little aggression, you’re more likely to damage the insole than the shoe itself.

However, if you want to play it safe, you can take a hairdryer to it to warm the glue up. Use a tool that’s flat but not sharp, like a butter knife, to try to loosen the insole heel from the shoe.

It’ll take some finessing, but once you can lift up and grab that heel edge a bit, you’ll be able to disconnect the insole from the shoe itself fully. Feel free to reheat the insole if it cools off too much, as the glue may have re-solidified.

Converse Shoes Can Be Uncomfortable

Converse All Star side profile view

Even after you’ve broken in your Converse shoes, they might still be uncomfortable. The insoles are flat, uncushioned, and as unsupportive as the collar.

If the non-cushioned insole bothers you the most, you might just need a good, cheap latex insole like the Happystep Insoles.

If the flatness is what really gets to you, you’ll need an insole with good arch support.

Consider what about the factory insole bothers you the most. From there, you can choose new insoles based on shape, material, and special features that’ll serve as solutions to those specific problems.

All-Star Comfort 

The Tread Labs Ramble Comfort Insoles are the best overall since you can go super specific with them, choosing the arch height, firmness, and size, ensuring your Converse shoes fit like custom athletic sneakers.

Tread Labs Ramble Comfort Insoles

The Tread Labs Ramble Comfort Insoles offer a range of customization options including different levels of arch support, firmness, and sizing. This allows the two-piece composition to provide extra specific support and comfort.

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Meanwhile, the Envelop Gel Insoles are perfect for high-impact activities. The FOOTSOULS Feel Your Soul Converse Insoles, on the other hand, are comfortable even when you aren’t moving around, thanks to their memory foam construction.

FOOTSOULS Feel Your Sole Converse Insoles

The FOOTSOULS Feel Your Soul Insoles are made to fit over Converse’s factory insoles, meaning you don’t have to size up or remove them. The memory foam construction is immediately comfortable, accommodating to the contours of your feet.

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If you have problems with inflammation, the Samurai Insoles are a popular choice among those with plantar fasciitis. If convenience and budget are your priority, the Happystep Terry Insoles are sweat-absorbing, odor-fighting, and easy to wash and reuse.

Converse shoes may have a high foot-pain rating, but with these insoles, you don’t have to suffer for fashion.


Do insoles make Converse more comfortable?

Yes, insoles provide the cushion and arch support that most Converse shoes lack. A quality pair of insoles like the Tread Labs Ramble Comfort Insoles can make all the difference.

Can you put insoles into Converse?

Yes. Though not all Converse insoles are made to be removed, they’re often just glued on and can be ripped out.

Do Chuck Taylors have removable insoles?

Not all Chuck Taylors have removable insoles. It just depends on the model. Newer Chucks, like the Chuck 70, for example, have removable insoles.

How can I make my Converse more comfortable?

First off, make sure you’ve broken them in before wearing them for long periods of time. If the insoles still feel stiff or unsupportive even after the canvas upper has stretched, you can replace them with better insoles.

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