Do you know the difference between a plain toe Oxford and a whole cut Oxford? Or how about between a penny loafer and a tassel loafer? Here, you’ll broaden your dress shoe horizons and learn about all the different types of dress shoes and dress shoe styles, including dress sneakers.

what does your dress shoe type say about you

What Does Your Dress Shoe Type Say About You?

Your dress shoe type says more about you (or who you want to be) than your actual clothes do. Which type do you wear, and what does your pair say about you?

Boat shoes, loafers, and driving shoes explained

Difference Between Boat Shoes, Loafers, and Driving Shoes Explained

Boat shoes, loafers, or driving shoes - what's the difference? Each shoe was built for different reasons, and has a different style. Learn all about it here.

types of soles - leather sole, datine sole, wedge sole, ridgeway sole, vibram sole

Types of Soles: The Essential Guide to Rubber and Leather Shoe Soles

While shoe soles are predominantly made of leather or rubber, the styles do vary. Learn about the different types of soles and the footwear you'll find them on.

toe taps - dress shoes with top taps & arrow

Toe Taps and Dress Shoes: The Essential Guide

Toe taps can help extend the life of your footwear. But what exactly are toe taps, how do they work and why should you consider adding them to your dress shoes?

monk strap shoes - beckett simonon hoyt & beckett simonon leonard shoes

The Ultimate Guide to Monk Strap Shoes: Buckled-Up Adaptability

Monk strap shoes are versatile, offering the benefits of oxfords, loafers, and even boots - at least, style-wise. Intrigued? Good. Read on.

old money shoes - thursday scout chukkas, beckett simonon beaumont loafers with the luxury yacht

Old Money Shoes: Your Essential Guide to Stealth Wealth Footwear

This carefully curated list of old money shoes will help you update your footwear selection for a discreetly affluent ‘stealth wealth’ appeal.

how to spot fake converse

How to Spot Fake Converse: Sneaky Tricks You May Not Know

Don't be the guy or gal who ends up with fake cons. Come learn the tell-tale signs of counterfeit Converses and protect yourself from getting scammed.

leather vs rubber sole 1

Leather vs Rubber Sole: Which Is Best for Dress Shoes?

Ah, it's the age-old dress shoe sole battle. Leather or rubber sole? The devil is in the details. Come find out what they are and which is right for you.

derby vs oxford

Oxford vs Derby Shoes: What’s the Difference?

Oxford and Derby shoes---they’re like the Manning brothers. Learn the differences between these two quintessential dress shoes and when you should wear each.

types of sneakers

17 Types of Sneakers Every Man Must Know

Got the sneaker bug? Check out the 17 types of sneakers we think all men should know about. Which ones do you need to add to your collection?

types of loafers

7 Types of Loafers All Stylish Men Should Know About

If you're a stylish guy, you dig loafers. Period. Come learn about all the different types of loafers so you’ll know which are right for you.

sneaker balls

Do Sneaker Balls Work? Are They Even Worth the Money?

How do you eliminate that funky sneaker smell with minimal effort and maximum results? Do sneaker balls work or are they just another gimmick? Come find out.