Dress shoes often aren’t cheap. And beyond money, we know that getting your size wrong can cost you blisters, discomfort, and even tendonitis. These guides will help you understand how dress shoes should fit and show you what to do to make your dress shoe wearing experience as comfortable as possible.

Shoe Size Conversion Chart - Shoe Size Chart & a pair of white sneakers

Shoe Size Conversion Chart: US to UK to EU Sizes and More

Need a chart wiht all the different shoe sizes by country? No problem! Here are the common shoe size conversions, plus a handy guide to see how they should fit.

how to lace dress shoes - dress shoes laced with a bar lacing technique

How to Tie and Lace Dress Shoes the Proper Way: 6 Lacing Techniques to Try

Do you know how to lace your dress shoes properly? We'll teach you 6 different lacing techniques to try with different shoe styles, and for different occasions.

foot anatomy

The Anatomy of the Foot Explained: This Will Help Your Shoes Fit Better

To get the right fit when buying shoes, you need to understand a little foot anatomy. Learn the names for different parts of the foot, and how to measure them.

allen edmonds sizing - allen edmonds park avenue with a measuring tape

Allen Edmonds Sizing: How Do Allen Edmonds’ Shoes Fit?

With this Allen Edmonds sizing guide, I’m going to help you buy the right shoe without dealing with the hassle of returns and exchanges. 

how should loafers fit - a pair of bit loafers & dashed arrows

How Should Loafers Fit? A Guide to Ensuring The Right Size

How should loafers fit? It’s pretty straightforward, but the devil is in the detail. Learn all about loafter sizing, their anatomy, and how they should fit.

dress shoe size vs sneaker size - Common Projects Original Achilles, Thursday Chairman & measure tape

Dress Shoe Size vs Sneaker Size: What’s the Difference?

Do sneakers run bigger than dress shoes? Find out the differences between dress shoe size vs sneaker size to make sure you're wearing the right size and fit.

cariuma sizing guide

Cariuma Sizing Guide: Do They Fit Big or Small?

Burned by nuances in sizing? No worries. With this Cariuma sizing guide, you'll fill any gaps to choose the right fit of these true-to-size sneakers.

koio sizing guide

KOIO Sizing Guide: Get the Right Fit for Your Capri Sneakers

Ugh...KOIO doesn't do half sizes. Check out my thorough KOIO sizing guide to make sure you pick your right size on your Capri sneakers the first time.

how to break in sneakers

7 Tricks To Break in Sneakers Fast and Easy

All well-built sneakers will send you to blister city if you don’t break them in first. Prevent sore ankles, feet, and legs, with these easy hacks.

beckett simonon sizing

Beckett Simonon Sizing: Sneakers, Shoes, and Boots Size Info

This Beckett Simonon sizing guide will tell you all you need to know to pick the correct size sneaker, shoe, or boots before you hit the “buy” button.

converse sizing guide

Do Converse Run Big? Converse Sizing Guide with Size Chart

In this Converse sizing guide, I’ve laid out everything you need to know before buying the most popular Converses so you can get the perfect fit the first time.

how to stretch shoes

How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet: 4 Easy Methods

Got wide feet? Here are the three perfect hacks for you to stretch your shoes---one's expensive, one's cheap, one's free, and all are recommended by me.