Wear a dirty pair of shoes and you’re a zero. Wear a clean pair of shoes and you’re a hero. Which would you rather be? We’ll show you how to take care of your shoes the right way so they last longer, smell nicer, and look better.

how to clean dress shoes - before after results of cleaning dress shoes like a pro

How to Clean Dress Shoes Like a Professional

Elevate your footwear care routine! Protect your investment and learn to clean dress shoes like a pro. It’s easier than you think.

how to spit-shine shoes - dress shoes with sparkling stars

How to Spit-Shine Your Shoes in 5 Simple Steps

Spit-shining creates a beautiful mirror finish, also known as a glaçage, on your shoes. Learn how to spit shine your shoes the easy way, for a high-gloss look.

how to break in converse

3 Easy Hacks to Break in Converse: Do Converse Stretch?

Come learn our three favorite simple hacks to break in your Cons quickly. Follow this advice and you'll cut the "pain time" down to half.

how to clean converse

How to Clean Converse So They Look Brand New in 10 Minutes

Have your Cons seen better days? Come learn how to clean any Converse shoe. It's pretty easy, but there are a handful of common mistakes you need to avoid.

how to clean white leather sneakers

How to Clean White Leather Sneakers Like Brand New in 15 Minutes

Are your crisp white sneaks looking a little worse for wear? Don't stress. Come find out how to clean white leather sneakers back to brand new, the right way.

converse in rain

Can You Wear Converse in Rain & Should You Waterproof Them?

Keen to rock your Converse out in the rain? Here are a few tricks to make sure your Cons don’t get ruined if you’re caught out in a storm out of nowhere. 

water stains on leather shoes

How to Remove Water Stains from Leather Shoes Fast and Easy

With just a few things you already have at home and a slightly deft hand, there's a good chance you can remove water stains on leather shoes. Here's how.

mold on shoes

What Causes Mold on Shoes? 3 Prevention & Treatment Hacks

Is that mold on your shoes? Don't stress---we'll show you an easy solution to get your shoes back to normal and a few ways to prevent it from happening again.

what are spats

What Are Spats? Shoe Spats History and Where to Find Them

Ever wondered what shoe spats are or what they're for? This deep dive into the shoe spatterdashes' history explains it all and recommends spats to look out for.