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I believe in making a strong first impression. And I believe you can influence how others see you and create great opportunities for yourself. One aspect of that is how well you dress---the clothes make the man. A sharp pair of shoes is the foundation of your outfit, and good quality is obvious. That's why I started Shoebly. It's not just about getting high quality shoes---your style should boost your confidence and influence how others see you. I'm just here to help with the footwear.
koio sizing guide

KOIO Sizing Guide: Get the Right Fit for Your Capri Sneakers

Ugh...KOIO doesn't do half sizes. Check out my thorough KOIO sizing guide to make sure you pick your right size on your Capri sneakers the first time.
KOIO Capri review

KOIO Capri Review: Common Projects Don’t Stand a Chance

Check out my hands-on KOIO Capri review and find out why I think the Capri is the best minimalist sneaker out there, and a few alternatives for you to consider.
Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Longwing

Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Longwing Review: What Is This Thing?

In this hands-on review, I took the Crossover Longwing for a spin to see if a mashup of dressy and sporty works, or if the whole idea is just a flop.
beckett simonon sizing

Beckett Simonon Sizing: Sneakers, Shoes, and Boots Size Info

This Beckett Simonon sizing guide will tell you all you need to know to pick the correct size sneaker, shoe, or boots before you hit the “buy” button.
Beckett Simonon Reid review

Beckett Simonon Reid Review: The Minimalist Winner

In this hands-on Beckett Simonon Reid review, you'll get my honest thoughts on this minimalist sneaker and how it compares to other similar brands.
converse sizing guide

Do Converse Run Big? Converse Sizing Guide with Size Chart

In this Converse sizing guide, I’ve laid out everything you need to know before buying the most popular Converses so you can get the perfect fit the first time.
converse alternatives

7 Best Converse Alternatives: Shoes Like Converse, But Better

Check out our hand-picked Converse alternatives for sneakers that are similar to Converse, but are either better made, more sustainable or more budget friendly.
converse in rain

Can You Wear Converse in Rain & Should You Waterproof Them?

Keen to rock your Converse out in the rain? Here are a few tricks to make sure your Cons don’t get ruined if you’re caught out in a storm out of nowhere. 
converse chuck taylor all star classic review

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Review

Check out my in-depth Chuck Taylor All Star Classic review to find out if this iconic high-top is really worth all the attention it gets.
thursday sneakers review

Thursday Sneakers Review: I Try Thursday’s Premiere Sneaker

In this Thursday sneakers review, I dive deep into the Premier sneaker and compare it to the top brands so you can decide which minimalist sneaker is best for you.
Oliver Cabell Sizing

Oliver Cabell Sizing Guide: Don’t Make This Mistake

In this Oliver Cabell sizing guide, I’ll break down how Oliver Cabell’s sneakers fit and compare the sizing to other brands like KOIO and GREATS.